It’s hard to believe that I’ve been working from home for three weeks already. I actually had to go back and double-check as I thought it was only two weeks!

I continue to serve you by doing what I can from home – connecting to the office computer is possible, but sometimes slow. I think it has something to do with how many people on our “node” are accessing the internet at the same time. I check phone and email messages twice daily.

Today I went to the church to check on mail (Thank you to all that are sending in your pledges!!), and do those things that need me to be there physically. I also made a few phone calls – it was so nice to hear your voices!

The church will remain closed until we are notified that it is safe to go back. The number of Covid19 cases in Livingston County have been growing, but thankfully, not exponentially. We will continue to do our part to keep those numbers as low as possible, and hope that you do too.

Tomorrow we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. We will have to do so separately physically, but we will be together in spirit! Christ has risen. He has risen indeed!

Kathy Rosier