The good news is that God’s grace is offered to all; it is unlimited. However, we also need to understand that our acceptance is on God’s terms.

This week Pastor Keith Griswold explores the Parable of the Wedding Banquet, found in Matthew 22:1-14. Jesus also told a similar parable in Luke 14:15-23.

Our opening hymn is Depth of Mercy – listen carefully to the words.

The wedding banquet parable is parallel to Israel’s history and their salvation with God. Isaiah 25:6-8.

The servants represent God’s prophets.  Some were ignored, some rejected, tortured and killed, but God kept inviting.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who hear & accept God’s invitation to grace, and those who reject the invitation that is being made through Jesus.

God keeps on inviting

God’s Grace is Offered to All

The banquet is thrown open to all who are willing to come.  Jesus tells us that God’s grace is offered to anyone who accepts the invitation.  Matthew 22:9-10 and Luke 5:31-32

We are not Worthy

Why was the man, who was not wearing wedding clothes, thrown out of the banquet? We must understand about Jewish weddings at the time of Jesus. 

There is nothing in our lives that is good enough for the wedding feast.  Part of accepting God’s invitation is to realize that we’re not dressed right on our own. We need God to clothe us. Isaiah 64:6 and Isaiah 61:10 .

Our closing hymn, Blessed Assurance, is an old, familiar hymn, whose words still ring true today.

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