From Nehemiah we see not only do we need to be willing to serve God, we need to be prepared; the question is: Are you ready? Read Nehemiah, chapter 2.

Pastor Keith Griswold continues his 6-week study of Nehemiah.

We begin today’s worship with a reading of Psalm 139:1-6

Our opening hymn is “Be Thou My Vision,” by
Eleanor Henrietta Hull and Mary Elizabeth Byrne.

Unless a man has trained himself for his chances, the chances will only make him look ridiculous.

William Matthews
Are You Ready to Wait?
  • A time of preparation
  • Nehemiah 1:1, Kislev = November-December
  • Nehemiah 2:1, Nisan = March-April
Are Your Ready to Pray?
  • If we have been called by God, we need to be in conversation with him.
  • Nehemiah 2:4
  • I Thessalonians 5:16-18
Are You Ready for Some Late & Lonely Nights?
  • Nehemiah 2:12

To do the task that God has called you to will require time and effort that others won’t always see.

Are You Ready for Opposition?
  • Nehemiah 2:20

We close today’s worship with “He Leadeth Me.” by Joseph Henry Gilmore and William Batchelder Bradbury. Are you ready to follow?

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