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Scripture, devotionals, and messages from God (and Pastor Keith)

Turning Over Tables


Pastor Keith Griswold asks, “Have you ever wondered about what upsets God? In Jesus, the Son of God, we gain an understanding, and we see it when he turned over the tables.” Today’s scripture reading is John 2:13-22. Our call to worship today comes from Psalm 19:7-14. Here is a great song to lead into […]

Walking with the Lord


When God calls us it is an invitation to walk with God, to be in a lifetime relationship of love. We see that in the life of Abraham and consider it today. On this second Sunday in Lent Pastor Keith Griswold shares a message rooted in the story of Abraham. Each Sunday during Lent we […]

Saved Through the Waters


The waters of Christian baptism represents our passing through the raging waters of sin and death, and we are saved through those “waters” by Jesus; the grace that we receive by faith in him. As we journey through the season of Lent we should take the time to grow in our love and faith for […]

The Temptations of Leadership


This is our last week considering Nehemiah and what we can learn from him about being leaders and people of influence. Today we’ll consider the temptations of leadership. Today’s message is taken from Nehemiah 6. We open today’s service with a reading from Psalm 149: 1-5. Lift your voice and sing praises unto God with […]

Life is Problem Solving


Pastor Keith Griswold continues his study of Nehemiah, focusing this week on Chapter 5. We consider how do we solve the problems we face in life. We open today’s worship with a reading from Psalm 147:1-6. Our first hymn is “O God, Our Help in Ages Past.” GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO THINK Nehemiah 5:6 Nehemiah […]

“What do you mean change the light bulb?!”


From Nehemiah we see ways to deal with those who criticize and oppose change that we are leading. Pastor Keith Griswold teaches from the Book of Nehemiah, Chapter 4. To open today’s worship, we read from Psalms 111:1-7. Sing along to our opening hymn, “Oh Worship the King,” by Robert Grant. HOW TO DEAL WITH […]