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Scripture, devotionals, and messages from God (and Pastor Keith)

Seeds of Change

Jesus’ call to follow him and be a disciple is a call to change, to become like a child.  Pastor Keith explores Matthew 18:1-6 with today’s message, “Seeds of Change.” We open today’s worship with Psalm 149:1-4, and prayer. We share an old, favorite hymn, especially appropriate to today’s message – Tell Me the Stories […]

The Bottom Line of Discipleship

There is a bottom-line to being a disciple of Jesus, this is a look at what the cost is. Pastor Keith Griswold preaches from the Gospel of Matthew 16:21-28. We open today’s worship with a reading of Psalm 63:1-5. We welcome you into worship and give praises to God with “Love Come Down,” by Casey […]

Faced With a Decision

Today’s scripture reading is from Matthew 16:13-21.Jesus’ question still challenges us: “Who do you say I am?” The Psalter reading (a reading from the book of Psalms) is Psalm 138:1-5. We invite you to sing along with “Victory in Jesus,” by Eugene M. Bartlett. The Pressure Mounts Matthew 16:13 & 15 The Messiah Matthew 16:16 […]

The Opportunity for Godly Living

In the words of Isaiah God starts to reveal that grace is for everyone: “The Sovereign LORD declares—he who gathers the exiles of Israel: ‘I will gather still others to them…’” Pastor Keith Griswold explores Isaiah 56:1-8 in today’s message. We open today’s worship with a reading from Psalm 67: 1-7. Listen to a great song that ties […]

The Defeat from Victory

From Elijah we learn that when we are under stress we need to get away and spend time with God, and listen to what God wants to say. Read 1 Kings 19:1-16 We open today with a reading from Psalm 105:1-8. Listen to “Only in God,” by John Michael Talbot, a song to bring us […]

The good life vs. the God-Life

God has promised us an abundant, good life, when we are connected to Jesus; that is when we have the God-Life. This week’s message focuses on Isaiah 55:1-9. Today’s opening hymn is “Here I am to Worship,” by Tim Hughes. We invite you to sing along. The Psalter reading for the day (a reading from […]