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Scripture, devotionals, and messages from God (and Pastor Keith)

Seeking and Find

Seeking God’s Kingdom is what Jesus called us to do, and when we find him it’s worth everything else. Pastor Keith Griswold continues his sermon series on the parables of Jesus. This week’s parables can be found in Matthew 13:44-52 . Our Psalter reading (a reading from the Book of Psalms) today is Psalm 119: […]

Until the Harvest

One of the key ways Jesus taught and preached was with parables, short stories that made a spiritual point; today we’re considering one of stark contrasts–the wheat and the weeds. Join Pastor Keith Griswold as he explores Matthew 13:37-43; the parable of the weeds. Today’s Psaltar reading (a reading from the Psalms) is Psalm 86:1-7. […]

Getting Dirty for God

Engaging with Jesus and his parable about the soil and seeds; how to be good soil. Prepare for today’s worship, and reflect on the lyrics of “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High,” sung by the Maranatha Singers. Today’s opening verses come from Psalm 65. Join us in our opening hymn, ‚ÄúSing Praise to God […]

Focusing Our Worship

Today’s scripture is selected verses from 1 Chronicles 16. This week, as many of us are able to physically worship together, Pastor Keith Griswold leads us through ways that we can focus more clearly on God. We open today’s worship with “Here I am to Worship,” by Tim Hughes, and invite you to sing along. […]

Freely Give

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son” Grace is the spirit of giving. Quiet your mind, and open your heart as you use the song “I Give Myself Away,” by William McDowell to lead you into worship. This week’s message is based on Matthew 10:40-42. Compassion is essential to being […]

An Eternal Model for Fathers

A Father’s Day Message We all need guidance in our life, particularly parents – and since today s Father’s Day, we look at a Bible verse that helps guide us. Today, Pastor Keith Griswold dives deep into a Bible verse, exploring God’s fatherhood, and how He is the ultimate role model. Can you guess which […]