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Scripture, devotionals, and messages from God (and Pastor Keith)

What Me? An Influencer?

Pastor Keith Griswold looks at Nehemiah and how he led and influenced the people of Jerusalem to rebuild the wall that had been torn down 150 years earlier.  In chapter 3 of Nehemiah we see how we can inspire and encourage others as we all work at God’s mission.  We open today’s worship with a […]

Are You Ready?

From Nehemiah we see not only do we need to be willing to serve God, we need to be prepared; the question is: Are you ready? Read Nehemiah, chapter 2. Pastor Keith Griswold continues his 6-week study of Nehemiah. We begin today’s worship with a reading of Psalm 139:1-6 Our opening hymn is “Be Thou […]

Are You Willing?

To be used by God requires that we be willing. Pastor Keith Griswold begins a 6-week exploration of Nehemiah. This week he focuses on Chapter 1. We open today with a reading from Psalm 122:6-9. Think, not only of Jerusalem, but of Washington DC and our nation. What is the kind of person that God […]

And All Peoples…

Epiphany, the traditional day to celebrate the Magi’s arrival to worship Jesus, implies a lot for all the peoples of the world. Pastor Keith Griswold shares this message, based on Matthew 12:1-12 We open todays worship with the reading of Psalm 43. We share the song, We Have Seen His Star by The Harvest Worship […]

Waiting on God

We tend to be impatient people, but as God’s people we need to learn to… … wait; because God’s time isn’t our time. God’s promises do not pass away Psalm 148: 1-5 Celebrate the birth of our Savior with this hymn, “Il Est Ne (He Is Born). God’s Promises Promises to Abraham – Genesis 12:1-3 […]

What Difference Does Christmas Make?

From Mary’s Song we understand the difference that the birth of Jesus makes; to us, and to the world. On this, the fourth Sunday of Advent, Pastor Keith Griswold explores the passage from Luke 1:39-56. We open today’s worship with the reading of Psalm 36:5-10. Have you ever wondered… “Mary Did You Know?” a song by […]